Why Are White Men So Angry?

White Men

Why are White Men So Angry?

Let me start off by saying not ALL white men are angry, just SOME. Those are the guys who are really holding this country back and trying to take us into the stone age. I also have to say some of my best friends are white men!

If you don’t know, I am writing about uncomfortable race issues all year long on CostofWork. I dedicated 2016 to Race Relations because this are so many terrible racist acts that seem to happening almost daily in our country. Race relations are literally the worst in my lifetime, which is sad because you would think we would have progressed but nah!

It sounds childish but Yoda was right, you know who Yoda is don’t you? He is the fictional character from the original Star Wars Trilogy. He is a little green Jedi Master, who was about 900 years old. And as he mentored Luke Skywalker, he told him, “Hate leads to fear, fear leads to anger and anger leads to the darkside.” There are many people who are fearful and hateful, and they are definitely living in the darkness.

White Hot Anger

When writing the article “Why #BlackLivesMatter Trumps All Lives Matter” I had to do a little research and in doing so it hit me, “White men are angry”! DYK, that Dylan Roof, John Holmes, James Lewis Dear, Jr., and John Russell Houser are all white men, and all killers? DYK you know that each of them killed multiple people? DYK, they all expressed anger either before or after killing their victims? And interesting enough, no one has talked about profiling white men like they are suggesting profiling Muslims.

I don’t want to draw the ire of white men because they are really pissed off right now but I just want to know why?

I am not a white man, so I can’t image why some of them are so angry. Just look at the news and you will see white men Occupying territory that does not belong to them – refusing to leave a community that doesn’t want them and demanding the federal government turnover the rights to that land…what the hell? Who does that? I’ll tell you who doesn’t do that, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, or Blacks!

We are seeing white male politicians yelling into the cameras, screaming until their faces turn beat red! I’m talking to you Chris Christie and Donald Trump! For his part, Trump has said many times, “I’m angry” and then Sarah Palin joined him to say, “Darn right we’re angry and we have right to be.” (more on these too in a moment). I don’t want to pick on the Republicans here because Bernie Sanders gets up there and he screams his head off too. But have you noticed that Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio seem pretty calm and cool. All of them are rich, all have great families, so why all the anger?

I am not sure about this but I have a theory. I think white men are angry because they are afraid. They are afraid because for the first time in US History, people who of mixed race outnumber whites. They are afraid that the world has gotten so political correct that you can’t say anything without offending someone. They feel like their liberties are being taken from them.  And their guns. They feel like they have all the answers but no one is listening to them. And they are also fearful of their futures – again, I am not white, nor am I angry, so I don’t know.

Why So Serious?

Here’s why I am having a hard time understanding the anger…number one, white men earn more money than any other demographic (period). They out earn everyone, even Oprah! Number two, they control the wealth in this country and in other countries too. Just think about this for a second, Donald Trump is currently the richest man running for President and he is clearly (by his own omission) the angriest and will revert to profiling Americans, if elected. It’s hard for me to understand how a billionaire with a beautiful wife, kids, and grandkids can be so mad. You don’t have to be the President of the United States to change the world. Trump is a megalomaniac who is obsessed with the consumption of power And it’s driving him mad.

Sarah Palin’s angry too, but she doesn’t seem to recognize that she is rich, people like her, they pay her to speak, she has a great family with grandkids, and she is not missing out on opportunities. She could be an activists and effect change in a positive way, but I guess it’s easier to complain and yell.

Let’s talk about screaming and yelling. Let’s not confuse passion and enthusiasm with yelling and screaming. Just because someone yells, that does not make them right or passionate. In fact, don’t we teach our kids to calm down and use their words? So people like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin aren’t passionate, they are angry and it’s misguided.

The Young and The Racist

Not only are old white men angry but the young ones are angry too. Have you seen what’s been going on in our high school and college campuses around the country? Minorities are being attacked, insulted and discriminated against by their young white counterparts. At the time of this publication, there is a picture floating around the internet of a group of white high school kids wearing t-shirts with letters on them that collectively spell out “NI**ER” – and this was how they said they were honoring the legacy of Dr. King. There was also several incidents of racism on college campuses most famously, University of Missouri where the minority students lead several boycotts and marches because of racist and discriminatory treatment by other students, which led to the Football team boycotting games and ultimately leading to the University’s President stepping down because he mishandled the entire situation.

Okay, so white men make more than everyone and as the comedian Louis CK said (paraphrasing) “A white man can go back to any point and time in history and he’ll be okay. No one else can say that.” That’s not true for women, Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics or Asians. Do you see what I mean? White guys have never been oppressed, denied rights or mistreated – especially non Jewish white guys – ever!

You Still Dominate

White men don’t be mad or angry at me, you still dominate, plain and simple. Look at the Forbes list of wealthiest people. Who dominates that list? White men. Who controls The Academy awards? White men 73% of the voting academy is white and with an average age of 63!  You may say, “Well Chris, they don’t dominate basketball or football.” And I say, maybe not on the field or the court but on the coaching sidelines and owner’s boxes, that’s still majority white – white men to be exact.

Like Chris Rock said in one of his stand-up routines, “…There’s not a white man in this building (he was on stage) that would trade places with me….and I’m RICH!” he also said, “If Bill Gates woke up with Oprah’s money, he’d jump out of a window” that’s true too.

I just don’t get it. I mean white men aren’t disenfranchised, or victimized by systemic racism within the judicial system and workplace.

The things that cause most people to be angry are poverty and unfair treatment. We’ve established that white men are paid higher than everyone else, they can use Affluenza as a legal defense, they are the gate keepers of opportunities, they have better network connections and are given more chances than anyone else.

You Are Not Alone

In fairness, white guys aren’t the only ones who are angry, but they are the angriest. In my opinion and based on observation, the angriest groups of people are: White Men of all ages, followed by Black Women of all ages, Young Black Men and old Southern White Women. And the difference is this, Black Women, old southern white women and young black men don’t go shooting up churches, schools, movie theaters and planned parenthood buildings. They don’t have the nerve or balls to go occupying land that doesn’t belong to them and then having the gall to challenge the US Government and try to force them into signing over the rights to that land!!!

Black Women have a reason to be angry, they make less money while simultaneously being the most loyal (average tenure at a job is longer than any other group) and being more educated than most other demographics. No one has a right to be angry but for the sisters, I get it. And young black men, just need to chill the hell out, so many senseless crimes; would rather rob than work, go to jail than college, have babies than graduation ceremonies. But that’s an article for another time.

Back to the white men, if you are an angry white man, please tell us why, and don’t be anonymous about it, that insinuates that you have something to hide or protect. If you’re going to be bold in the comment section then be transparent – and remember hateful comments will never see the light of day.

My next article on race relations will be “Hey R&B Music and Black Radio, You’re Not Helping at All!”

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