Tiffany, It’s Your Day (#TKDay)

tiffany kuehl

It was in 2012 that I first encountered Tiffany Kuehl online during the SHRM National Conference Explosion in Atlanta. I had already met Dave Ryan and spoken to Steve Browne and a few others but I remember Tiffany because she was campaigning along with Dave and Steve to get to me drive to Atlanta to hang out with the HR folks. I thought – who is this lady?

Soon after that I had a conversation with her and we kicked it off immediately – turns out that  she is from Minnesota, so is my favorite artist of all time, Prince. She told me stories about growing up Minnesota and some close encounters with his royal badness – needless to say, she had a friend immediately. But that wasn’t all we had in common, it also turns out that no matter where you are from, there are still common life experiences as a minority – even in Minnesota.

Over the next few months I would notice how she would go to just about any SHRM conference that she could in order to help the organizers spread the word about HR and social media. Her social media activity was furious and captivating – she knows how to make people feel comfortable and document the excitement of a conference like no other.

As I started to write resumes, she was one of the first people to hire me and then she sent the entire state of Minnesota as referrals – seriously, I think I wrote everyone’s resume in Minnesota. She was a life-line for sure. I wanted to find a way to return the favor so I asked her to join me on a writing project called Equal 6 where I really noticed how great a writer she is. When that project ended, I wanted to continue to work with her so I asked her to join Performance I Create, which is a multi-contributor website, she joined us and for over 3 years providing a ray of sunlight and relentless positivity.

With all of that, I had never met her IRL…until 2014. We met for the first time at the Louisiana HR State Conference and let me tell you this – when you meet people online usually they aren’t as cool as they are on line – or sometimes you tend to like them more in person than online – Tiffany is different, she is just as funny, caring, pleasant, engaging, and colorful in person as she is online. That’s rare. I got to hang out with her 2 more times, once at the Missouri State HR Conference and in Knoxville at the Tennessee State Conference. She did me a favor by fitting TNSHRM into her busy schedule and when I tell everyone just loved her from the start – that’s an understatement.

When I think about all the things she has done for me, I can’t help but to smile and be grateful that I have gotten to know Mrs. Tiffany Miller Kuehl!

In life the squeaky wheel gets the oil and often times those deserving of our attention and recognition get lost in the noise.

For once we are getting it right. Happy Birthday Tiffany – it’s your day.

#TKDay #TiffanyKuehlDay



  1. Michael Chopp


    We are blessed to have such wonderful folks like Tiffany, Dave And Steve in our profession. Their passion for all things Human Resources and their positivity are contagious! If you are lucky enough to attend a conference to which any of these folks are at, I strongly encourage you to make it a point to say “hi.” I echo your thoughts exactly.


    1. Tiffany

      Thank you Michael! I am the lucky one, getting to meet and network with you and folks like you. I have the best job ever.

  2. Jane Overby

    Tiffany has this beautiful energy like I’ve never seen. I miss working with her, but I keep up with her life and her cute kid on Facebook. Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

    1. Tiffany

      Hi Jane!!! I miss you.

      So sweet of you to comment. Thank you for the kind words.

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