This Year Was Supposed to About Race, So What Happened?


Whelp, I was going to dedicate this year to race relations on this blog. However something weird happened. ALL HELL BROKE LOSE.

Black men kept getting shot and streamed live on Facebook and social media. They went viral.

I got frustrated. I got sick and tired of it.

As a writer, it is extremely hard to capture your feelings and make valid points without seeming bitter or overly angry.

Event after event. Shooting after shooting. Protest after protest. Discussion after discussion.

This year being an election didn’t help either. Especially with certain candidates talking about building walls.

The mass shooting in the Orlando night club Pulse and the New York bomber were also very saddening and horrific.

At some point, I realized that this whole thing was pointless.

For as far as we have come, we still have a lot of work to do.

Here’s what I will say, until we can all be treated the same by cops and the judicial system we have work to do.

Until little black kids stop crying at the thought of being stopped by the police, we have work to do.

Until women, all women, do not have to worry about being paid equal for the work they do, we have work to do.

Until black men are not shot to death, we have work to do.

So until then…I give up.