The Human Resource Cycle

Cycle 1

The HR Cycle

So much is made of the future of HR. What will it look like? What will HR do? How will things change?

As a guy who is not a practitioner but still very much interested in HR, I often track trends and ask questions about the world of HR because I want to know what’s changed between today and yester-year.

Think about an old boss or person from your past that worked in HR, do you think they can still do the job today or is HR so different that they could not be effective?  In technology, the person who was trained 20 years and then never paid attention to trends would be totally lost today. They would know nothing about virtualization, clouding computing, social media or even the internet.

What’s changed about HR?

I have asked a lot of questions and so let me answer them. Last week I read an article about a Manager of a Subway restaurant in New Jersey who texted two 17 year old girls, who applied for work at his store, stating that they can have the job if they agree to have sex with him. Sexual harassment. Clear violation of Title VII. I know that. I am assuming you know that too. Did that manager know that? Does Subway HR department know that? Was he trained or just going Rogue? I read another article about disability discrimination. Well there is the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) but I guess people don’t know and or care about it. There are several articles about pay discrimination or pay inequality. You know what’s interesting, I know some women who have offered other women lower salaries than male counterparts (they are doing it to themselves).

Follow me here. I was sharing content on LinkedIN; one article about how HR needs to be like Marketing and other about being like Lawyers. A friend of mine called me out, he emailed me and said “HR is trying to do too much!” he was just joking but there is truth in what he says.  All this talking and pontificating about HR this and that…well it’s not really real. Most HR folks are dealing with talent management issues from selection to retention or succession planning. We have to throw compensation and sensitivity training in the mix too.

I’m a bit an HR expert to the few people who call me for advice. They never call to ask my advice on future technology or the latest and greatest whatever…it’s always, “Can the company do…” or “Is it legal for them to…” or “My boss said this to me…”

Usually it’s improper, sometimes it’s illegal.

I’m not saying HR is easy because it’s not. It takes courage to be in HR.  You have to standup to employees and owners. You have to keep up with the laws and apply them to today’s atmosphere. You have to be ready to learn whatever new thing that your company may need you to know.

Here’s my point…the stuff we do is not sexy. The only things that really change are the laws and people. We still deal with grab-ass, employee conflicts, performance issues, complaints, and of course people doing crazy things. HR is a cycle of education – educating employees on how to be decent and productive.