I Want A Job!


I Want a Job

Maybe I should have titled this “I want THE job”?

What’s THE job that I want? Glad you asked…

I want a job with a company that understands me. Today we demand so much out of our employees and even our candidates. We want to know if they are committed and engaged. We want to know if they are married with children but we can’t ask that so we ask about values and things that they hold dear which most candidates immediately answer with, “I’m a wife and mother” or “I’m a loving husband and father” Gotcha! So I want a job with a company that understands I love human resources, love to solve problems, love to do what others say can’t be done or is stupid, and I had a career setback but if you notice, you will see a lot of hard to restore my career.

I want a job with great co-workers. One thing I miss about working in an organization is the people (even in crummy organizations there are always good teammates). We all go the extra mile sometimes because we do not want to let down our team – it’s the camaraderie and accountability factors. If I could find fulfilling work with a great POD, that would be awesome.

I want a job that is challenging and exciting. I want to look forward to going to work each day. I want to tackle big employee relations issues. I want to improve training, onboarding and mentoring (including reverse mentoring).  I even want to work on Compliance initiatives too – is that too much to ask?

I want a job with a great boss, unless of course I am the boss. But yeah, I want to work for a great person who values me an employee, who gives me input but also listens to and implements my ideas. I want a boss that trusts me to do my job and gives me the tools I need to be successful.

I want a job with great benefits and perks. Healthcare premiums and options have to be awesome. Gym or gym membership. Maybe a cafeteria with healthy food options. Relationships with local businesses with giveaways and outreach programs. I don’t really want a phone or laptop but I understand so it’s okay. A new Tesla would be a great work perk!

I want a job that will not write me up or hassle me if I need to take a few days off to get treatment and rest my jacked up back.

I want a job that knows how to use social media and human resources as strategic partners.

I want a job that is fun. No miserable people – at least not around me.

I want a job that pays me above the market average. Do I need to elaborate?

Looking at this list, it’s pretty expansive… and elusive right – it’s like a big greasy purple unicorn with pixie dust. But it’s not impossible. I know a few people who have this job (minus the Tesla) – I want one too. Let me know if you can hook me up, my resume is ready to go right now.