HR Rap Session: The Love of HR (3/3)

Wrapping this 4th HR Rap Session up, is Steve Browne with “Passion Isn’t A Dirty Word!” Go.

When you look around the business world, we applaud and seek out people who are passionate.  However, if someone who happens to say they’re passionate about Human Resources, people scoff.

How can that be?  Why would one profession get the cold shoulder when someone states they are passionate about HR?

It’s probably because few people truly are passionate you scan across the vast horizon of HR.  I never have been known to follow the crowd either personally or in my career.  For you see, I am FIERCLEY passionate about all areas in my life – especially HR !!  You may wonder why someone would characterize their approach to HR as “fiercely passionate,” but honestly, there really isn’t any other feasible option.

Whenever you find someone who is “all in” or “sold out” for their cause, it causes you to look to see if it’s a show, or if it’s genuine.  Most feel passion is this wild, overt, extreme emotion.  It can be, but a more likely it shows itself as an internal drive which is truly palpable.  People are at least curious about passionate people, and that gives you an opportunity to show why this drive is so compelling.

I believe the core of HR is humans.  I don’t mean this to be trite or oversimplified.  People are fascinating, intriguing, challenging and unique.  To be in a field where you can pull the amazing talents and strengths of people to see companies thrive is humbling !!  What other profession can touch, influence and shape both the present and the future of an organization?

To be honest, I use a different filter in looking at HR because in some way, ALL people are in a form or facet of Human Resources if they deal with people.  It never has been the systems, analytics, metrics or initiatives which define our profession.  Those are methods which are great enablers and structure definers, but they aren’t HR – people are !!

I expect others to be passionate in what they do and especially if they exist in HR.  It has only led to amazing doors being opened to phenomenal people and relationships from around the globe !!

So, go out and let your passion for HR shine !!  You’re due !!


Steve Browne is an HR professional at La Rosa’s in Cincy, OH. He is also a Director of the Ohio Chapter of SHRM. He blogs, he teaches, he leads and he’s one heck of a mentor. You can connect with him on twitter here and linkedin here.


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  1. Melissa

    Chris, thanks for sharing this great post from Steve Browne. I have found myself thinking the same thing too when I see people deride passion. What’s wrong with passion and enthusiasm? What is this high school? It’s not cool to like HR ? I love HR and I am a passionate HR professional. Say it loud and proud!

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