How to Build a Brand by Chris Fields


How to Build a Brand by Chris Fields

So, I get calls and emails from time to time from people asking me, “How do you do it?” Interesting question because one, I still ask myself that and two, I remember asking others the same thing. If you don’t know, I am an HR Consultant and Expert Resume Writer. The CostofWork is my very first website or blog and the ResumeCrusade is my second and most popular.

I am known as a resume writer. That’s my brand. That’s my thing now. Obviously, I can do more and I actually do more, for instance, I’m a HR Content Writer with eSkill Assessments, I am a speaker/presenter and I am the Content Manager for Performance I Create. Soon I will be an author, my book based on the modern job search will be published in 2016.

So, how do you build a brand, well I just gave you a huge tip. The above paragraph is basically a branding and marketing statement. You may be thinking, it sounds more like a resume than a branding statement and you wouldn’t be wrong. Your resume is your career branding statement to employers. You have to know what you are good and want to be known for.

When we think brand, we tend to think about one thing over another for instance, Levis jeans; we think denim, right? What about Apple? Do you think smartphones? Or Ipad? Or Apple music? Or technology in general? Let’s make it more complicated, what do you think about when you hear Oprah? Talk show? O Magazine? OWN network?

The point is there are some brands that are known for one thing specifically and then there are other brands whose name transcends a specific product and covers multiple products. It works best when you focus on one thing to get started or get your name out there and expand the brand once people are familiar and comfortable with you.

Here’s what you need to do if you are thinking about building a brand.

  1. Concentrate on your strengths and what you want to be known for. So on social media, resist the urge to share things that do not help you create, build and sculpt your brand. For instance, I share HR content, resume advice, job search tools and the occasional musical selection (all work and no play).
  2. Don’t worry about the herd. What I mean by this is, you will see others get opportunities and talk about things that they are doing and you may wonder, “Why isn’t that happening for me?” Don’t do that to yourself. You just keep your eyes on your goals and you will see the same opportunities or even bigger ones start to materialize.
  3. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do (or remind them). People are busy and have short memories and that’s why you have keep driving your message and letting people know you are still alive and working on your brand. Use social media; blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Periscope to your advantage.
  4. Keep leveraging your network. Reach out to your network and see how they are doing and if there are any projects that they may be aware or if you can contribute to anything new. Also, keep growing your network; use LinkedIn, conferences and other networking opportunities to grow your connections. No one does anything without a little help from their friends.

Finally, don’t wait. Do it now. Whatever it is you want to do, do it now. Bet on yourself and keep on pushing along.