Here’s What They Said…

Here’s What They Said…

They said I wouldn’t graduate from high school. They were wrong.

They said I wouldn’t get a scholarship or make it to college. Wrong again.

They said I wouldn’t graduate from college in four years. They were right. I did it in 4.5 years.

They said I wouldn’t do anything productive after undergrad. Dead wrong.

They said I wouldn’t get accepted into Ohio State. Wrong.

They said I only got in because of Affirmative Action. They could’ve been right about that one. Proud to be an example.

They said I wouldn’t maintain a 3.0 GPA. They were right. I maintained a 3.3 while working 2 jobs.

They said I couldn’t cut it in a B1G school with all that competition and would never make it to graduation. Wrong on both accounts.

They said I don’t have enough experience. A matter of perspective; I consider it a strength #ImJustDifferent.

They said blogging doesn’t matter.

They said Tennessee was not a desirable SHRM State Conference destination (socially).

They said I couldn’t make it work.

Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.

Needless to say, I don’t listen to “them”. I never do. I never have. I always turn “them” into believers – cheerleader even.

So, what did they say about you? Did you listen? Or did you prove them wrong too?

Remember “Everything happens for a reason” and as the great Kevin Garrett would say…


  1. Sherita Darden

    Really Really proud of you! Thank you!

  2. Melissa

    “They” say I lot and I’m glad you didn’t listen. Proud to call you one of my favorite bloggers and professionals and a pretty cool friend for an old curmudgeon.

  3. Teri Levy

    They say…means nothing because you are achieving way beyond them. Thx for being out there Cost of Work!

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