From Minnesota to Knoxville – #TNSHRM14

Hi all,

September 17-19, I’ll be in Knoxville, TN…Sevierville actually at the 2014 TN-SHRM State Conference. I’m bringing some friends from all over the country to help highlight and promote this event. Last week Melissa Fairman shared her introduction video on her website the HRremix  – here’s a link.

Today I am hosting my homegirl Tiffany Kuehl, PHR, Recruiting Manager, Staffing Goddess and all around Big Deal’s video. She is the former TCHRA President, National SHRM Leadership Member, Minnesota SHRM Member. She has volunteered with several other state conferences and she is truly the as the kids say. Check her out.



  1. Paul DeBettignies

    Best part of the video is the credits… well done August!!!

    1. Tiffany Kuehl

      Thanks Paul! My boy did a great job! 😉

    2. Tiffany Kuehl

      Thanks Paul! My boy did a great job – he might just have a career in video production. 🙂

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