Does a Face Tattoo Means You’ve Given Up On Life?

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The face tattoo…it’s becoming more and more common these days. The history of the face tattoo is embedded deep in cultural traditional and heritage – like most fashion statements, it used to signify status. If you look back over history you have seen the imagines of people with tribal markings, piercings, and body paint dating back hundreds of years. But as this article titled “Face Tattoos – History and Modern Day Taboos” points out, the ideology and the meaning changes with the times.

The HR community has long since held bias against job seekers with body art – even while having tattoos ourselves, most HR folks will say “But I can conceal (or cover) my tattoos up.” Which makes it alright, I suppose.

When I was younger, I got a tattoo. I wanted to be different and standout from others. I remember I was dating someone and she said to me “I don’t see why you want to ruin your skin with a tattoo.” Back then, I just thought it was too radical for her to understand but now I see she was right, everyone has tattoos, even kids in high school. I mean really, high school kids with tats? Why? So now the interesting thing is the best way to stand out and be different is not to have any tattoos. Consider that for a moment; tattoos are all about individual expression and freedom, but today the best way to make a statement of individuality is to keep your skin the same as the day you were born. (I’m thinking about getting mine removed)

Tattoos are out of control, it’s so bad that when I’m watching a basketball game, I can no longer tell the race of the players. Seriously, the Birdman (Chris Anderson) of the Miami Heat looks like a brother out there.  With all these sleeves, vests and full body suites of tattoos…where does it stop? The face? Nope!

Used to be a visible tattoo was a career killer. If you couldn’t cover it up then you couldn’t work. Now people are more forgiving because the majority of us have tattoos or have loved ones with tattoos – we are desensitized – except for that face tattoo.

Tats seem to be everywhere but actually 40% of the population is tatted. I think now, we are bolder with them. We want everyone to know that we are inked…Say it loud “I’m inked and I’m proud”! Okay, fine but the line has to be drawn somewhere and I say it’s the face tattoo.

Kevin Hart, the comedian, once said “If you get a face tattoo than you have given up on life” and you know what? he is right. When I see people with face tattoos, I think, where do they work? What terrible event in your life led to that decision? They have to be in entertainment or sports. Although HR is more understanding of tattoos, the face tattoo is still taboo. Not all people with face tats are bad people but you have to admit, a face tattoo is a cry for help!

I know what you are thinking, “We are not supposed to judge!” – Stop it, we judge all the time. Especially if you are HR or business, your life blood depends on the judgments you make. Judges, judge for a living, so stop with that non-sense. You are judging me right now– you either agree or disagree. A person’s decision making, character and personality (or lack thereof) are important qualities. Would you hire a babysitter with a face tattoo? Let me guess, depends on what it says and how big it is? Whatever!

Sure many people have given up on life who don’t have face tattoos but when someone gives you a clue – take it. Kevin is right!

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