When Was The Last Time You Changed Someone’s Life?

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Human Resources professionals are in a unique position if you believe it or not. We are one of the few positions that can change someone’s life (in a good way).

Just in case you have never heard of me, I’m a resume writer…as well as blogger, HR content writer, speaker and HR Consultant. I’m not a practitioner. However I use my big ole Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University all the time – even when writing resumes. HR has helped me change the lives of hundreds of people by getting them interviews with companies who had previously overlooked them.

You Can Do It Too.

I was talking a HR Director friend of mine who recently took a new job about what she sees as her top 5 projects. She said that really, it was small things like introducing herself to every employee that works in the building, increasing HR’s visibility, addressing small concerns and administering a new healthcare benefit package because the current provider wants to raise the rates.

As step one, she told me about how she did indeed introduce herself to many of the employees and quite frankly some of them were shocked. That had never happened before. When new employees start (especially upper management) they don’t even get an email. My friend plans to stop that. Since she introduced herself to the employees, a few of them felt the need to email her and let her know they were impressed with that simple act of politeness.

Here’s the life changing part. Because she has come in, talked to the employees and checked on them, a few others felt they could trust her to resolve issues that have been plaguing them for some time. One of them being the air-conditioning. For some reason the A/C  in the building is set to 60 – its freezing and these employees were told in the past that it wouldn’t be changed and they need to just deal with it. They felt as if they could not go to the previous Director because she was good friends with the front-line manager and it would only cause MORE tension. So out of fear of retaliation, they simply let it go. They came to work bundled up with sweaters and gloves.

But now they have a champion.

Since my friend took care of the A/C problem (yes she got it bumped up) the employees feel they have someone who will listen to them, help them and make working conditions better. Now more have come forward with problems which had gone unresolved and of course she is investigating. The issues seem valid; bullying, unfair management practices, favoritism and a little intimidation.

Another HR Director.

Here are some other examples from a good friend who regularly changes people’s lives by rewarding them with various small things but they are huge to the employee…like a $3,000 dollar raise, or a transfer to a location closer to the employee’s home so they don’t have to catch so many buses, or a well-earned and overdue promotion. Things that don’t cost very much but mean the world.

How About You?

When was the last time you called a truly deserving person and offered her a job that could change her life? When was the last time you offered a woman a salary for a top level job that is the same as the men’s salary? When was the last time you gave an employee an unplanned recognition bonus payment? When was the last time you assured an employee that their job was safe (and you meant it)?

You have the power, when was the last time you changed someone’s life?


  1. Al Pollard

    Great article! I worry about all the times I (we) don’t make a positive difference when we have the opportunity to. When I didn’t introduce myself, when I didn’t give that person a quick encouraging note, etc… It can get overwhelming but sometimes inaction is actually an action, just in the wrong direction. Sort of like not making a decision is in itself, a decision.

    Keep up the good fight!


    1. newresource (Post author)

      Exactly, doing nothing can be just as demoralizing as doing the wrong thing. Thanks for your comment.

  2. kapil

    Good but not very much interesting

    1. newresource (Post author)

      ha, okay, I will do better (side eye)

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