Busy? Pish! If You’re On Social Media Then You Have Time

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Busy? Pish! If you’re on social media then you have time.

We hear a lot about people wasting time on social media when they could be and should be doing other things. We all procrastinate to some degree – all of us. For about a year now, one my growing pet peeves has been when someone tells me just how busy they are. If you are in HR or people management, then you know what I mean – surely someone has failed to do something and they told you they were “soooo busy.” Or called off work sick but you see them posting crap online and liking foolishness.  Sure we aren’t supposed to judge but you really can’t help it. All that junk takes time and energy so you can’t be all that busy. Here’s why I hate the “busy” excuse.

  1. It’s a lie. You have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else it’s all about time management and priority. From over sleeping, to taking a nap, to going to bed early, to deciding to watch your show or jump on line; you have the time, you don’t have the discipline.
  2. We are all busy – so shut up. Your life is no more important than mine.
  3. If you have time for Facebook then you have more extra time than you know…and here’s why.

Last fall, I decided to conquer my own addiction to Facebook because I was hooked and odds are you are too. I stopped logging on so much and sharing every irrelevant thing that came to mind. I stopped taking the bait of the social media trollers who post highly upsetting comments for a reaction. The fighting? Ohhh the fighting online…nonsense I tell you, nonsense. (some people ain’t got nothing else to do) I could plug all different kinds of Facebook addiction and usage stats right here but I won’t. I won’t because you already know. You see it. People jump on Facebook to tell you when they wake up, get a shower, get dressed, drink coffee (ugh the freaking coffee), drive to work, listen to the radio (if you follow me on Instagram you are laughing right now), greet co-workers, get their lunch, attend meetings, go home, the commute home, their kids, their dinner and all other things in between.

When I jumped off the ‘Book, my productivity went way up and I was already pretty productive, I was more present in the moment with my nieces and nephews and I was less angry and frustrated. See just so happens, you are a direct result of who you hang around and that includes the online people too. I don’t know about your “friends” but my some of Facebook friends are pretty negative and cynical.

Don’t get me wrong there are a few of them who are sweet as pecan pie and they try to be positive lights in a black sea of social darkness. And speaking of friends, do you have any who do not use social media at all? Well I do and although they are behind the times, their attitudes are usually positive because they have not been affected by a negative rant or venting post.

See the thing about negative posts is that you feel compelled to comment but if you take a break, you will realize, the world does not need your two cents.  Social media has a way of making you pay more attention to mindless conversations online rather than what’s really important…your family, your job and your responsibilities. You think you are too busy but, get off Facebook, Twitter and even my beloved Instagram and you will see, you have plenty of time to do all the things that you are supposed to be doing.