2015, Bye Felicia; 2016, Hey Gurl!


I used to write an annual wrap-up article, summing up my year and health. Last year I didn’t because frankly, I was disappointed and a little discouraged. I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I was close. I was down because in 2014, I went on a few road trips and when I got back home, my jacked-up back was all jacked up. I have a combination of sciatica and s-joint inflammation and your boy was done. Only family members and close friends knew what I was going through all of this year. Seriously, it took a year to heal; a year I will never get back, a year in which I had to cancel an event, a year which I was basically off the radar. And for a consultant and business owner, that is no good.

So there was no end of the year, optimistic article because I was not very optimistic at all. But now, 12 months later, I am pleased report that my back is much, much better. It’s been a long slow ride though. In fairness, I was able to do a couple of things in 2015, I did lead a presentation at NASHRM in June and was the Social Media Guy for Lori Maher’s Leadership 5.0 Conference in Nashville in October, and I spoke to college students at a local college. I was happy to do those things, they were good measuring sticks for me and let’s just say, right now, all is well and let’s hope it stays that way.

Even with the progress, this is not a state of my health, year-end report. This is just closure.

I’m shutting the door on a particularly difficult and frustrating year, I’m  turning the page on 2015 and looking directly at 2016. I am going to put this out in the universe right now, I am expecting big things in “twenty sixteen”. First, all winter long I will be working out and doing physical therapy to continue my recovery. Secondly, I plan to get out more, for instance I am planning on attending SHRM’s Annual Conference in D.C. in June. That will be a first for me. Third, I am writing a book. I have some great and talented friends who are helping me with writing and publishing a book for next year. The book is about what I have learned as a Resume Writer. It really has been an amazing journey so far! Finally, I intend to grow my resume writing and outplacement services business because I really like it, I get to help people, make a living and feel good about the work I do – and that’s what worklife is all about.

Now a fair warning to my readers. Next year on CostofWork, I will be tackling the difficult and uncomfortable issues of race in this country. I am telling you now so you can unfollow me or remove me from your RSS feed because this is happening. No one likes talking about race issues, no one likes to even mention race, in fact, I am sure some people are reading this and getting mad right now because they think they know what I am going say. If you decide to stick around and read the articles, you will like some of them and you won’t like others. For example,  I will answer the tough question, Why #BlackLivesMatter trumps #AllLivesMatter.

So buckle up, no one else in our HR community has the stones to tackle these issues responsibly so it’s up to me and as an influencer, I can no longer sit on the sidelines, playing it safe, hoping not to offend anyone.

Anyway, that’s all for 2015.(bye, with yo funky ass)

See some of you in 2016!

Happy Holidays.

Chris aka new_resource aka HR Jedi aka Resume Crusader


  1. Micole Kaye

    Chris – I am a first time reader of your blog, but a habitual reader of HR blogs. I want to commend you for sharing your rough times and hope that writing it will help your healing. I also want to say YOU CAN DO IT in response to your goals! I’ve heard that writing goals down and announcing them publicly substantially increases their likelihood of actually happening. You got this. Even more, in my personal opinion, people who find race issues uncomfortable are part of the problem because they don’t want to address the issues at hand. Race is a problem in this country. Until all Americans are called “Americans” and not “African American” or “Asian American” or “Hispanic American,” we will need to talk about the issues. So, THANK YOU for actually talking about this issue. Finally, see you at SHRM? This will be my first SHRM Conference, too!

    Best Wishes.

  2. William gould

    Here’s to a great 2016! I’m sticking around your blog, and have high expectations. So please push us, make us think, and even when you offend some, drive the authentic conversations that we need to have.

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